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Joint supports play a role in both injury recovery and injury prevention and hence why there are different types. I’ll explain the difference and when and why you might need a joint support.

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Article by Physio Phebe Kinesiology tape is becoming increasingly popular, but many people are still unsure how and when to use it. I’ll explain LP Support’s versions of Kinesiology tape, known as Maxtaping and Maxtaping A+ Kinesiology tape, in general, is designed to decrease pain and facilitate lymphatic draining by creating an effect of lifting the skin. The theory describes this effect to then enable more effective blood flow in and out of the area and the sensation of the tape on the skin affecting pain gate pathways. To create the effect, the tape is applied to the skin on...

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Adequate recovery is key to performance, but what exactly should it involve? And how can you minimise the dreaded post-exercise muscle soreness?  If you've ever felt sore or stiff the next day or the second day after an activity, you are certainly not alone. This is technically known as “delayed onset muscle soreness” or in physio slang “DOMS”. It develops 24-48 hours after unaccustomed high-intensity physical activity and is often worse if your activity involved a lot of eccentric exercises (when the muscles lengthen during load) such as downhill running. What actually happens to the muscles fibers is they undergo...

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