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We've had a close eye on the Australian Men's Lacrosse team this year for the 2018 World Champs in Israel. What they've achieved is brilliant and we're extremely proud to be aligned with many of the brands they use to stay protected on and off the field. Below is a report from the team head coach Glenn Meredith: The Australian Men’s Lacrosse program just completed a World Championships in Israel against 46 other Countries which we ran 4th  and were a mere 2 goals away from a Bronze medal. This is a tremendous achievement when you consider the 3 teams above us...

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G-Form, Snow -

G-Form is a low-profile but effective base layer body armour that’s flexible under normal use, but stiffens up upon impact to protect you from falls and collisions, the perfect accessory this snow season. Have you noticed that wearing a helmet is now the norm on the ski slopes, but rarely does impact protection extend down below the neck. Well now it can with G-Form, a light, flexible base layer that can be worn during the winter months by skiers and snowboarders to keep you protected this snow season. The base technology that makes G-Form’s body armor different from traditional foam...

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